Buffalo reserve

The Buffalo reserve of Kápolnapuszta lays in the neighborhood od the Little-Balaton. It provides an unique, romantic view and programs to its visitors.

The coworkers of the reserve work on the subsistence of the native buffalo species of Hungary. The other goal is to show the animals to the visitors in their own environment. The exhibition helps the enquirers to get to know the flora and the fauna of the Little-Balaton, there is also another exhibition about the history of the buffalos, and they can take part a trip, which is combined with playing elements, there they can get at close quarters of the buffalo horde.

The buffalos, from spring to autumn, can be visited by walking all over the 1,5 km long walking pathway, which starts from the place of the exhibition. There are 200 buffalos on the 30 hectare large area. At winter they stay at the stall.

The Buffalo festival is hold every year the buffalo reserve of Kápolnapuszta. There waits a market, gastronomic programs, wagon riding and buffalo petting for the visitors.

It can be visited in the whole year.

The house Nr. 1. is located in the Hegyalja Street 67., in the front side of a wonderful, 2500 m2 large garden.

The apartment is located behind the house Nr. 1. There is an apartment for 4 people, and a studio apartment.

The apartment is located directly behind the House Nr. 2. There is an apartment for 4 people, and 2 studio apartments.

This house is located in Zalakaros, Zalagyöngye str. 37. some 550 m close to the bath in a garden of 1500 m2.