Experience Bath

The indoor experience bath is in command of more than 10 water attractions. There are experience elements in the children pool, like the tilting-bucket, the mini slide, mini waterfall, and the water mushroom. They are really beloved among the children. The “Black hole slide” starts from the building and arrives to the building; it’s also very famous thanks to its mysterious spirit.

Next to the whole year functioning services of the experience bath, there are also outdoor pools with a size of 400 m2. They can be reached straight from indoor. There is an experience bath with thermal water with various massages, gargoyles, water jets, a Scottish shower and a bubble bath. There is also a children experience bath with a water hedgehog, splashing snake, and mini slide. The sun decks face north and south, they insure a pleasant relaxation and a nice view.

The house Nr. 1. is located in the Hegyalja Street 67., in the front side of a wonderful, 2500 m2 large garden.

The apartment is located behind the house Nr. 1. There is an apartment for 4 people, and a studio apartment.

The apartment is located directly behind the House Nr. 2. There is an apartment for 4 people, and 2 studio apartments.

This house is located in Zalakaros, Zalagyöngye str. 37. some 550 m close to the bath in a garden of 1500 m2.