Healing centre

It’s operational at every day of the year with 3 pools, 2 thermal sit-baths and 1 thermal bath. The last one is the location of several medical gymnastics classes a day. The sauna block functions as a separate unit. (2 Saunas, 1 steam cabin, cold water dipping pool.) it is the oasis of peace.

On the deck chairs, placed around the indoor pools, our guest can relax and enjoy their healing.

The sauna block works as a separate unit with its own rest place, 2 sauna cabin, 1 steam cabin, cold water dipping pool, and an esthetic shower block. The healing section, placed in the building provides wide range of services. The guest can choose from wet and dry treatments.

The house Nr. 1. is located in the Hegyalja Street 67., in the front side of a wonderful, 2500 m2 large garden.

The apartment is located behind the house Nr. 1. There is an apartment for 4 people, and a studio apartment.

The apartment is located directly behind the House Nr. 2. There is an apartment for 4 people, and 2 studio apartments.

This house is located in Zalakaros, Zalagyöngye str. 37. some 550 m close to the bath in a garden of 1500 m2.