The Little-Balaton lies 15 km far from Zalakaros, in south-east direction from the is rich in cultural and natural values. Most of its territory is under protection.

Once it was an open water bay, which was filled up with stream deposit. Now it’s a swamp withreed- and sedge. It is a strictly secured territory, especially its birdlife.

We can have a good view of birds of the Little-Balaton from the KányaváriIsland (its 2km far in northern direction from Balatonmogyoród). Here lives the great egret, the great cormorant,TheEurasianspoonbill, the great crested grebe, the grey heron, the purple heron, the Eurasian coot, the great red warbler, mustachedwarbler, etc. Until now more than 250 bird species were observed here (in Hungary 370), from these something like 150 also nestles here. After the watersettlement in 1922, there remained a half km2 big water area. The restoration and its inundate goes on since 1980. The new lake was built in the middle of the 1980er years, is 1870hectare large, itworks as a strainer. The Zala River flows for 22 km in the synthetic lake, only after that goes back into its old bed.

The Little-Balaton is since the 1920er years a strictly secured area, and, with the KeszthelyMountains, is the part of the Balaton-Felvidék National Park. This helps a lot in the in the retaining of the natural values. To the increased secured area people can get in with forehand permission and attendant only.  The directorship of the Balaton-Felvidék National park, on the grounds of getting to know the natural values of the landscape better organizes boat trip with a professional leader, nature photography from lurking-places, and bird observation tours. As the part of the trip they take a visit to the Fekete István memorial room, and to the Matula lodge in the Diás Island.

The great crested grebe walking pathway on the Kányavári Island is free to visit without an attendant.

The house Nr. 1. is located in the Hegyalja Street 67., in the front side of a wonderful, 2500 m2 large garden.

The apartment is located behind the house Nr. 1. There is an apartment for 4 people, and a studio apartment.

The apartment is located directly behind the House Nr. 2. There is an apartment for 4 people, and 2 studio apartments.

This house is located in Zalakaros, Zalagyöngye str. 37. some 550 m close to the bath in a garden of 1500 m2.