Thermal– and Funbath

The medicinal water is sodium chloride and hydrogen-carbonate spring water which due to its iodide- and bromide-ion content can be ranged among the iodic-bromous, and due to its sulphide-ion content among the sulphurous medicinal waters. The metaboric acid content of the water is very high. The medicinal water contains radioactive elements only in a highly insignificant number.

In the past ten years the bath has again undergone continuous development in the course of which the so-called Health Centre part was built as the first in the country. The swimming pools of the thermal beach as well as the swimming pool area and sauna block of the Covered Bath were renovated, and the therapeutic section was established providing the most modern circumstances. First in the country an Amusement Bath with the relating fitness- and wellness elements was built which operates in a new covered bath hall.

Our main aim is to become a “Meeting Place of Generations” where beside a wide range of therapeutic treatments based on the medicinal waters we could serve the recreational and wellness-fitness demands in the Health Centre-Amusement Bath block by using the other not qualified thermal water of valuable mineral content.

At the Thermal Beach built in a beautiful park environment varied function swimming pools, from the medicinal water sitting pools to the wave-pool, insure rest, regeneration and total water entertainment for every member of the family.

Our curing treatments under the supervision of doctors insure the most effective pain relief. Spend a long weekend in one of Hungary’s most beautiful and biggest Amusement Baths where bathing offers not only pleasure but adventure too.

The house Nr. 1. is located in the Hegyalja Street 67., in the front side of a wonderful, 2500 m2 large garden.

The apartment is located behind the house Nr. 1. There is an apartment for 4 people, and a studio apartment.

The apartment is located directly behind the House Nr. 2. There is an apartment for 4 people, and 2 studio apartments.

This house is located in Zalakaros, Zalagyöngye str. 37. some 550 m close to the bath in a garden of 1500 m2.